Specialty Containment

Protection from groundwater contamination is a challenge that effects various manufacturers and industries worldwide. Quality Lining Company, Inc. furnishes and installs geomembranes that provide for secondary containment of various chemicals and pollutants. Secondary containment applications range from geomembrane linings in tank basins to geomembrane linings in process areas to contain spills. We furnish a wide range of geomembranes that are specifically formulated for different classes of chemicals and environmental exposures.

Primary containment applications include process and water treatment ponds, landfill linings, and trench / sump liners for processing of various chemicals and wastewater systems. Quality Lining Company, Inc. offers design assistance and can recommend the best approach and material to accomplish the goals of our customer.

Custom Fabrication

Quality Lining Company, Inc. fabricates a wide range of thermoplastic structures to meet our customer’s needs. Fabricated structures include HDPE Manholes, Valve Vaults, Sumps, Tanks, Pumping Stations, and various other components such as hatch covers, inspection ports, etc. Our attention to detail and quality at an affordable price allows us to be your best source for a wide range of products and services. We furnish valves, pumps, etc. in our valve vaults or pump stations to best suit our customer’s requirements or these items may be furnished and installed by others.

QLC fabricates geomembrane panels for both permanent and temporary containment applications. Temporary applications include storage of contaminated soil or other applications where the geomembrane panel acts as a watershed or barrier. Many types of geomembranes are flexible and may be fabricated in large panel sizes to reduce the time required for field deployment and seaming. Permanent applications include various primary and secondary containment projects such as process ponds, chemical containment, and spill containment.

QLC fabricates baffle curtains to best satisfy design criteria and specific application requirements for our customers. We incorporate design features that are based on a variety of factors specific to the intended application and our customer needs. We take pride in the hands-on quality and attention to detail that we put into every curtain that we fabricate. We may either fabricate and ship the baffle curtain to the customer for installation by others, or would be pleased to provide our technicians to install the curtain at your facility.