Baffle Curtains

Quality Lining Company, Inc. fabricates and installs baffle systems in tanks, reservoirs, lagoons, and canals. We incorporate different components and construction details depending upon what best fits various applications. Typically baffle curtains are installed in potable water applications such as clearwells and reservoirs to increase the contact time of chlorine with the water. Improved chlorine contact time results in improved water quality as bacteria (giardia cysts) and viruses are eliminated from the effluent.

Baffle curtains control water flow and may be utilized to increase retention time and improve water flow characteristics. Improved flow characteristics result in a more effective water treatment program. Baffle curtains are deployed in a vertical fashion to provide a barrier system that effectively increases the flow path in a pond, reservoir, or tank. A properly designed system assures that water is treated in a more consistent and controlled manner and that no stagnation occurs. Baffle curtains increase the efficiency of an impoundment by improving treatment performance and can potentially eliminate the need for expensive facility upgrades. An effective baffle curtain system contributes to a more uniform treatment system and lower operating and treatment costs.

Baffle curtains used in clearwell applications are typically fastened to the roof and floor of the clearwell. Many designs incorporate separate baffle curtains that are installed in a maze fashion in order to significantly extend the flow path. A properly designed system increases chlorine contact time and reduces the need to add chlorine due to stagnating water or water short-cutting from the influent to the effluent outlet.

Baffle curtains are routinely used in sewage treatment ponds and industrial treatment ponds. A typical baffle curtain deployed in a treatment pond incorporates a ballast system along the bottom of the curtain and a floatation element along the curtain top edge. A flow through window system can be incorporated into the design to allow for water movement while still controlling suspended solids and floating silt. Installation of baffle curtains facilitates treatment control and may also be an effective means of capturing or controlling silt and solids.

There are various designs of baffle curtains and Quality Lining Company, Inc. takes pride in offering the best curtain designs for the our customers’ specific applications. We have curtain designs that range from temporary or low stress applications (which are less costly) to long term and high stress applications. We also stand behind our work with unsurpassed workmanship and material warranties.

The majority of baffle curtains are fabricated in our shop in one piece. Larger curtains are typically made in sections that are joined together during the installation portion of our work. Such factors as weight and ease of handling are taken into account when determining the size of individual sections.